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Pouria Trade Mehregan ( PTM ) Company has been working in the fields of manufacturing, domestic and foreign trade, as well as business services with many years experience of its founders.
This company, in cooperation with its professional team, supplies the raw material of different industries from the best foreign suppliers and provides it to domestic manufacturers, and in this regard, it is benefiting from the cooperation of its trading partners in Germany, China, Oman and some other countries.
PTM also has the cooperation of prominent activists from the industry, agriculture and commerce sectors.
Considering the importance of exporting Iranian goods, the company is involved in the marketing of products in target countries, conducting negotiations and the stages of export of goods with domestic manufacturers.
The provision of consulting and training services for foreign business is also one of the priorities of Pouria Trade Company.




Export, import, services • Export: Textile products: Klim rug in sizes : 1.5 ×2 m2, 3×2 m2, 2.5 ×3.5 m2 and 3×4 m2 Bedspread (bed sheet): single and double Dried fruit: Pistachio, jujube, fig and dates CELLULOSIC PRODUCTS: Tissue and toilet paper in verity high quality packagings. Baby and...

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Mohammad Mehdi Kargar

Ali Manoochehri




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